2017 Stage Program

As we work to make advances that will shape a healthier humanity, progress is incremental but vision is unbounded. We create a healthier world by working in that fertile zone between the limited (knowledge, resources, time) and the limitless (imagination, creativity, curiosity)

This year's event will focus on that productive tension between “what is” and “what if,” the inspiration that continues to drive us further into what's possible. Together, we are limitless. 

Session 1:


A wide-angle view of a limitless landscape

In this panoramic overview, we’ll explore a wide range of key issues in health and medicine where forward-thinking leaders, doers and activists are shattering today’s limits and seeking to unleash tomorrow’s possibilities. In this session, we'll address a diverse set of topics, such as designing healthcare systems from scratch, the ethics of CRISPR and new scientific discoveries, combatting isolation and loneliness, advocacy and caregiving, drones for good, primate precedents for human social hierarchies, caring for Ebola survivors.

Agnes Binagwaho
Post-Genocide Healthcare Architect
Alta Charo
CRISPR Bioethicist
Keller Rinaudo
Medical Drone Deployer
Frans de Waal
Biologist and Primatologist
Soka Moses
Ebola Combatant
Sophie Andrews
Helpline Hero
Zoë Keating
Defender of Medical and Musical Rights

Session 2:


Imagining progress and possibilities for a healthier world

Back by popular demand, a new class of 20 Hive entrepreneurs will take the stage to share how their visionary ideas and boundary-breaking innovations are affecting change in every area of health and medicine. Through a series of short talks, this session will feature disruptive thinkers and game-changing ideas in areas like medical tech and devices, life science and therapeutics, digital and mobile health, healthcare systems, care delivery, reimbursement models and IT, public health, advancing science, and more.



Session 3:


Removing barriers that limit access & harm health

Transcending limits and making good health available to all sometimes requires us to collaborate and forge common ground. Talks in this session feature topics where the traditional barriers to accessing care and achieving well-being are being lifted, such as new approaches to addressing opioid addiction, expanding social tools to enable technology access for all, providing medical care and guidance for transgender youth, understanding drug development and pricing, getting menstruation on the public agenda, the genetics of brain science, and music interpretation for the hearing impaired.
Amber Galloway Gallego
Sign Language Music Interpreter
Jim Johnson
Anti-Opioid Coalition Chief
Linda B. Rosenthal
Period Rights Activist
Matt King
Social Tech Accessibility Visionary
Peter Bach
Drug Development and Pricing Navigator
Steven McCarroll
Genetic Disease Decoder
Ximena Lopez
Gender Identity Guide

Session 4:


Escaping yesterday’s limits on better health

New technologies, treatments and paradigms that were unthinkable a few short years ago have now become “the new normal.” What’s becoming possible in today’s labs, clinics and treatment centers is redefining how we’re addressing health challenges on many fronts. This session explores new understandings of our body’s healing response; novel forms of male contraception; leveraging system-level properties of immunity; creating “mini-brains” in the lab to advance neuroscience; harm reduction strategies to combat addiction; uniting patients, providers, families and communities to shape medical care; and hedonic city maps that reveal emotion and connect communities. 
Betty Diamond
Autoimmune Disease Detective
Guo-li Ming
Brain Organoid Pioneer
Jennifer Chenoweth
Human Experience Cartographer
John Amory
Mark Tyndall
Drug Addiction Epidemiologist
Meg Gaines
Health Partnerships Lawyer
Shai Shen-Orr
Systems Immunologist

Session 5:




Session 6:


Pushing back limits with current knowledge

Overcoming today’s limits in health and medicine means confronting gaps in our knowledge. This session will update us on what we know, and what we don’t know, and keep us abreast of fascinating developments in areas such as artificial intelligence, cancer immunotherapy, treating and preventing malaria, global health as an instrument for peace, the perils of practicing medicine in war time and, when it comes to health, why we ignore the facts that will save us.

Bill Frist
Global Diplomacy Doc
Chip Thomas
Navajo Nation Artist and Doctor
Greg Corrado
Human-Machine Connector
Lennie Sender
Cancer Guru
Nick White
Anti-Malaria Warrior
Sara Gorman
Motive Detective
Aleppo First Responder
Speaker Announced at Event

Session 7:


The limitless horizons of health and medicine

What does the long-term future of health and medicine look like? While the road ahead may be filled with barriers to overcome, each of those challenges represents new paths ready to be explored. This session will preview some of the most vexing limits we face today, as well as some of the most promising paths that lie ahead. Topics featured in this session include driving innovation in precision medicine, preventing incurable genetic diseases via three-person fertility treatments, the future of environmentalism and its relation to our health, conquering the impact of stress on our potential to succeed, and what we might learn if our bodies could talk.
Amitabh Chandra
Health Policy Renegade
James Hamblin
Human Body Correspondent
Mary Herbert
Reproductive Health Protector
Michael Hendryx
Environmental Truth Extractor
Sian Leah Beilock
Performance Under Pressure Sage
Zoë Keating
Defender of Medical and Musical Rights